Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Pick Your Own Cotton...just a way of saying Do It YOURSELF. The people i respect are the ones that make their own way. The ones that are willing to put in the work to build something. At the moment I will be working on getting PickYourOwnCotton.TV on deck where we will be highlighting some of the more interesting people in this world. I really wanted there to be a place to learn for us all other than a classroom. I realized that there are professions out there that some of us never even heard of. That question of " WHAT DO I WANT TO DO ? " will get a little less complicated i hope for someone with the help of outlets like PickYourOwnCotton.TV


This is a great piece by 13th Witness...get familiar with the name. He has been an influence on the way i look at the things around me. Anything visual can look even more amazing if wish it to be. Obviously there is some pain in this song but the message should get across to most of us.



Today has started off right. The sun is shining and the sky is open and i almost got my ass chewed off by a dog but that's cool. Itunes are on blast and its humid as hell but thats cool. I love my life regardless of the outcome. We are here for a reason. Enjoy the life that you've been blessed enough to even have. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY EVER

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so about 2 weeks ago i went to HOBOKEN, NEW JERZ for a photoshoot and 1st off let me say i was actually impressed by HOBOKEN's laid back style....Little cities are the shit. im cool wit turning one corner and being in a solo dolo situation, and then u cross the street and run into a fucking parade of ITALIANS....my kinda shit i guess..so when i got to TONE's studio i was extra hungry so i hit up the nearest breakfast spot and met a dude with 8 teeth gumming on some crispy bacon..YUM YUM..so i ate up and hit the studio wit TONE, my crew Wahid and partner LEXX and his WIFEY...TONE is a BEAST wit the PHOTOGRAPHY ( taking pictures ) lol....i know someone out there thinks PHOTOGRAPHY is a big word...dude has great energy and ill eye for BLACK & WHITE photos. VIBED out and HIGH as Cupid in a SPACESHIP with a hint of some Cuban drink mix TONE put together for me it was safe to say i was relaxed. The homie is a PRO regardless of the previous statements....i'll be posting a pic or 2 on the blog in a week or 2 so get ur mind right and get familiar...http://www.photobytone.com/

Saturday, August 1, 2009


this cat MIKEY PHELPS is killing the SWIM game right now, i dont know his stats but i know a legendary figure when i see one....HE's doing big thANGS...he just set another record....YES ANOTHER ONE....CHECK THIS LINK

Thursday, July 2, 2009


a lil video of some guy named LEXX BLACK...just playin..my partner LEXX and i in the studio...he's not in the picture because he's in the booth where he should be at all times.....this was a mixtape track we're working....see if u recognize the beat.



i call this the assassin pack....but SUPRA didnt care and they named it something else...either way all 3 are dope...get the SKYTOP, VAIDER, and the SKYLOW 1.5 in this pack...Available now at Factory 413 and Limited Edt.....id really like to get my hands on those SKYLOWs